It’s Significant, So Make It That Way.

As journalist’s, it is sometimes hard to be interesting. Especially when what the material you have to work with is about as interesting as dirt. But, we have an obligation and responsibility to make the significant interesting and relevant. So, how the heck do we do that? How do we find a way to make news seem relevant to the majority of our audience? I think this is a difficult task, and Group 12 seems to agree with me. It seems difficult to be both engaging AND relevant because of bias, laziness, or haste. To be a good journalist, it is important to not be lazy and learn how to use good technique in a quick amount of time. Those who work hard and put forth the effort will definitely succeed with engaging and relevant material.

Just because you’re trying to make something interesting, however, doesn’t mean you need to jump off a cliff and sail the seven seas with the story though. The story is the story, the facts don’t change. The material is what you have to work with, and it remains. The style you use and the words which you choose to present the story with, however, can make your story one million times more interesting. It’s just important to remember that, “technique should never alter the facts.”

They say that “journalism is storytelling with a purpose,” and we must find a way for that purpose to carry across our audience. We must make the story and purpose appear to be so important that we couldn’t afford to leave it out of the news. This article challenges the above statement, and they discuss why journalism is moving away from storytelling in our day today. The Nieman Reports had an interesting bit on making the significant interesting. They talked about how storytelling and information do not contradict each other. They talk about the two biggest struggles of making things interesting and they are: first, finding the information that people need in their lives. And second, making that information engaging and relevant. This blog also illustrates very nicely how important it is to make your stories have a purpose, and that is one of the keys to becoming and staying a good journalist.

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