Diversity and Public Forum.

Group 9’s presentation immediately caught my attention. The topic seemed a little different from what we seemingly have covered every week and I was interested in what we would be learning about and how we would be able to apply it to our journalistic abilities.

There is a quote that I heard a long time ago when I was writing for my high school newspaper. It said something like, “American journalism must embrace diversity…”. I attended high school in American Fork, Utah. 90% of the kids were caucasian and 94% of the kids were LDS. A large majority of the student body planned on attending Brigham Young University after high school.  With all of this knowledge, you can understand why I rolled my eyes when I was told to write diversely. Everyone was the same! But that is a lesson that I have learned over the years; they’re not. I absolutely loved this article and it’s take on something similar to my personal experience. No matter how similar your audience may seem, there are always differences among them. As there were different cliques, sports teams, groups, and activities at my school, there are those different areas in the real world. This article listed tips and suggestions that I found to be very helpful upon my research of writing for a diverse audience.

I think that as our world continues to evolve, change, develop, and grow, that the culture will continue to mix and combine and we will become more heterogenous than we are now. It is important to remember that during those times of diverse audiences, we are trying to include everyone and not just targeting a specific group. This student really gets this big picture and some of the views shared are dead on. It is sometimes difficult to find the need or importance in being diverse, especially at BYU when everyone seems to look, act, and speak the same. But diversity is essential and will continue to support and uphold journalism.


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