A Combination to Die For.

Think about all of the things in this world that appear to be paired perfectly together. Peanut butter and jelly. Salt and pepper. Ketchup and mustard. Peas and pods. Out of all the examples that came to your mind, I’m willing to bet that journalism and religion wasn’t one of them. Mixing journalism and religion can get pretty tricky; they are both very emotional topics to people. Religion one the one hand is very personal and individual. On the other hand, it is inquired about and pushed everyday, making it seem more impersonal. Anyone and everyone you ask will have an opinion about journalism. Because journalism is based on evidence, truth, and facts, and religion is based on feelings, beliefs, and emotions, it makes it rough to try and combine the two. But, as we have seen in our lifetimes, the mix must happen. There will be a day when we are required to combine journalism and religion, and when that day comes, we want to be ready to handle it in the best, most unbiased way possible.I feel like this article does a great job of demonstrating how to combine journalism and religion.

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I experience my own personal beliefs and views that are in conjunction with the Church. I am more than happy to talk to you about my faith and express my beliefs as a member. As a journalist, however, I am required to “unplug” myself from that faith and become an unbiased reporter. I find that a little difficult. In fact Group 10 mentioned a quote that helps support my thoughts: “It’s false that a reporter can unplug his ideology and somehow become neutral,” Mattingly said. While I don’t think it is impossible, I do believe it is difficult. Take Fox News for example. Most of their anchors and producers are LDS and I would say that you can definitely tell. This site here describes how the dominant religion in the area starts to show through as a media bias.

Religion, undoubtedly, is involved in every aspect in our lives, in everything we do. Which makes it easy to say that all news is religious news. (Poynter Institute). This Mormon copy editor believes that journalism and religion (specifically mormonism) should join the list of perfect pairs. Her article is interesting in the sense that she points out that the characteristics that Mormon’s have are the characteristics needed in the journalistic world.

Overall, mixing journalism and religion is tough, but it must be done.



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