Who Let the Dogs Out?

Group 8…I have to applaud you. Your presentation was so awesome! I found it really entertaining and I learned a lot.  So, the whole theme of dogs had me really curious. I didn’t really know what Watchdog Journalism was.  But, boy, did I learn. Watchdog journalism is making the affairs of the powerful intuitions more transparent to the public. What? In English, please. Think of what a watchdog does. It’s usually that mean looking bulldog in front of a house watching over the family. So, in journalism terms, a watchdog is just that. It watches over it’s journalistic family. According to this site, it is basically holding public figures and institutions accountable for their content. It’s like the checks and balances system for journalism.

Why do we care though? Why is this important? Well, things would obviously get a little crazy if there was no one to oversee what is being seen and published through mass and social media. In Murrey Marder’s article 1998: This is Watchdog Journalism, he explains his view on the correlation between the public and watchdog journalism.  It was very interesting because it was a super opinionated article. He feels that watchdog journalism is more of a mindset than just hard-hitting investigation.

One thing Group 8 touched on was the fact that nine out of ten journalists believe the press keeps political leaders from doing things they shouldn’t do. I absolutely agree with this statement. Political leaders know the power of the press and know what their pattern of coverage is. To save their reputation, often times, political leaders will save themselves from being the next front page headline. We have seen many times, however, where this is not the case and the consequences are visible.

Overall, watchdog journalism is important and I believe an essential part of the press and the process of journalism.


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