Spiral of Silence.

Group 7 introduced a theory in their discussion that I had never heard of before. The idea has really intrigued me ever since and I have decided to talk about the theory of the Spiral of Silence today.

This theory supports the idea that the media can’t tell the public what to think, but is effective in telling them what to think about. That seems crazy! It’s as if as journalists, we have figured out how to control the minds of those we are targeting. Upon more research on the theory, I found that the Spiral of Silence is used in both political science and mass communication. It was developed by the German political scientist Elisabeth Neumann. This source states that the theory “asserts that a person is less likely to voice an opinion on a topic of morality if one feels that one is in the minority for fear of reprisal or isolation from the majority. This was a little confusing to me because what the source defined the theory as compared to what the group shared seemed to be different. So, I did more research to see what I could figure out. 

The basic feeling that is at the base of the theory seems to be fear of isolation. As journalists, we play a large role in the mass media, which usually represents the dominant opinion. If someone has a different opinion, they may be too afraid to voice their thoughts in fear of isolation from the majority; they do not want to become the minority. This is explained really well on this page where it is clearly broken down.

I found this article, and it does a great job at illustrating how the social media is trying to break the theory and allow everyone to voice their opinions. I believe that we should break the feeling that people have that they cannot share their thoughts and ideas. We should live in such an un-biased world where there is no worry of the majority vs. minority.


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