What Lead To Your Life.

First of all, I have to say that Group 6 did such an excellent job! Their presentation was engaging and very effective. I really enjoyed it! They talked about the journalist as an ideologue. When I first read the headline of what they would be discussing with us, I have to admit that I wasn’t completely certain of what an ideologue was. I learned, however, that it is the beliefs and values that lead a person’s life. This article was great in talking about ideologues in the press. One of the most interesting things from this presentation, or something that really stuck out to me was that most Americans consider themselves moderates in thought. So, the news covers extremist thinking because it is different than what we are used to.

I was kind of surprised by this. You would think that the news would produce content that was similar to how we think. However, because extremist thinking is so different than what most are used to, they use it as a technique to grab and hold our attention. It relates to how we talked about small town pastoralism and the fact that even though most live in or around cities, they still love to hear of small town events and stories. That was funny to me! I guess it shows what the audience really is seeking.

Group 6 talked about some of the things that “make the news”. One of them was altruistic democracy. This idea basically states that Americans believe that the leaders of this nation are to be liaisons for the people. If they pose a threat to this idea, it becomes news. Unfortunately, more often than not, we see these politicians on our news for doing that exact thing: posing a threat. They also talked about leadership in the sense that it is a basic value in American culture. So both the worst leaders and the greatest leaders will be featured more prominently in the news.

I really enjoyed this presentation and the new terms I learned and became familiar with.


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