The Mind in Independence.

In Group 5’s presentation, there was a quote that surprised me. It read, “being impartial or neutral is not a core principle of journalism.” This really took me aback because it seemed to go against everything that I had been taught in the field of journalism.I have always been taught that as a journalist, it is one of my main responsibilities to be neutral. Meaning that I am to be impartial, uninvolved, and indifferent from either side. I thought that decisions were to be based on an objective criteria, not hurting nor helping a certain side. Neutrality is important, as this article here states, however, this presentation and this quote had me really thinking during the week.

We learned that are three ways to be independent from faction. Those three categories are mind, externalities, and in practice. One of the criteria that especially caught my attention was the In Practice section. The part that was discussed about dependence versus opinion was interesting to me. Dependence —-> “facts” and facts —-> opinion. Linda Greenhouse was also mentioned in the discussion and I thought she was a great example to use.

One of the main things I got out of Group 5’s presentation was to, as a journalist, present ideas in an unoffensive and sensitive way. The goal is to not be overbearing with your opinion. I liked this thought a lot because many times in journalism, we see instances where the writer’s thoughts, opinions, or ideas are forced upon us as the reader. I think that we will maintain a good relationship with our audience if we are sensitive and not overbearing. It is important that we keep in mind everyone who might be consuming our material and be sensitive to them and their backgrounds. Like they said, race, gender, and religion are descriptive, but not limiting. This article has great things to say about race, gender and religion in journalism.

While being impartial and neutral is important, Group 5 taught me that it is not a core principal of journalism. And that is something that I will always remember.



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