Shedding Your Colors.

One of my favorite topics of Group 3’s discussion was the idea of cultural immersion. They talked about the possibility of shedding your original culture and how if journalists were able to “shed”, it would (or maybe would not) help with the objectivity in journalism.

Another thing that caught my attention was the statement, “the Priesthood of Journalism.” It was interesting to discuss what this meant and the four aspects listed under the umbrella term of the Priesthood of Journalism. First, Journalism as the Fourth Estate. Meaning that journalism is the unofficial fourth check of the government. Second, journalistic inbreeding. This term is pretty self-explanatory and I have noticed it quite a bit in the world of journalism. It is the ethics, norms, and expertise learned through other journalists and areas in your field. Third, separation. Always remaining objective about the story, regardless of history or circumstance, and I would like to add culture.

I think that culture definitely applies to us here at BYU because we are part of a large culture, also known as a “bubble”, that we live in. I was raised in Utah County and personally feel that I have been part of this culture my entire life. It is no longer my culture, but it is now me. So the question is, how am I to shed me and who I am? Is it possible? As a journalist who must try with all her might to remain objective, is it possible to shed her culture? That is the real test. I was curious to see what some synonyms for the word “shed” were and this is what I found: to cast, drop, reject, or emit. These were just the most applicable ones to me. You can find the rest here. To finish off the aspects, we have confidentiality. This is honoring people’s wishes to remain anonymous. There is a great article found here that talks about the two different sides of detractors and defenders on anonymity. It debates the issue of telling important stories versus damaging the credibility. This article is also insightful as it talks about the ethics behind being loyal to your anonymous sources.

This presentation by Group 3 was very well done, as I have been thinking bout cultural immersion and objectivity all week.


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