Tell the Truth.

The fact of the matter is, journalism and truth should go hand in hand. Unfortunately though, that is not always the case in the world of journalism, especially in this day. As Group 1 presented, the question that kept coming back to my mind was how does truth actually apply to journalism? We know that it is important, vital even, so how do we actually make the two coincide? I have been thinking about this question and this is what I have come up with.

We know that journalism’s first obligation is to the truth. We MUST tell the truth. If we don’t, there are big consequences to pay. Jayson Blair, an ex-writer for the New York Times, demonstrated this principle very well. In 2003, Blair destroyed his own career when he was caught fabricating all of the stories he had written and published for the Times. The consequences were ruthless. Blair was not only fired from the Times, but lost his reputation completely. He has not been able to find a job in the field since. The full story on the Jayson Blair affair is found here.

Those we write for depend on accurate, reliable facts. We build our reputations as journalists in the field by consistently showing accuracy and reliability. Our loyalty is to the citizens, and therefore we must provide them with facts that have been checked, double-checked, and re-checked. We must verify the facts and sources to make sure we are getting the whole truth and nothing but the truth. This principle of journalism is well illustrated at this site.

I believe a statement that Group 1 made: people have lost the truth in journalism. We see it all around us, that the truth is slowly slipping away. It is very interesting to see what the definition of truth means to different people. Its meaning can get very muddled and fuzzy, and I believe that is a large reason we are losing so much of the truth. This article talks a lot about why we are losing truth today.

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