And So, We Wrote

Think about how many words you speak in a day. Or the amount of words you type or write. Our world revolves around words, whether printed, spoken, or listened to. Contrary to popular conception, a journalist does more than put black words on a white paper. Journalism is a lot less monotone than expected. Read on, you could find yourself described as a journalist.

Speaking for myself, I would say that I can speak faster than the speed of light. Well, it’s debatable. But I can talk your ear off, to say the least. I think about how many pieces of information I convey in a single day. It overwhelms me! Our own personal little lives are swarmed with information by the second. People convey information like a factory spits out car parts. And the ability to convey is pretty vital for a journalist. In my humble opinion, anyone who can convey information in an honest way can be considered a journalist. This is a flattering thing to be considered! Journalists do a lot of good in this word-swamped world. One of my favorite parts of writing is giving a voice to the voiceless. Doesn’t that give you goosebumps? Having the power to write and relay information allows you to have a voice for an area that doesn’t.

Journalism is providing information in an unbiased way to therefore allow citizens to make an informed opinion. Now, this is the black and white area. There is a lot of gray area that strays from the straight line. Yes, journalism is about conveying honest information without taking sides. But it comes in many forms. Telling a story, writing in a journal, speaking in front of an audience. These are ordinary examples that can demonstrate what we convey journalism to be. Journalism  comes in all shapes and sizes. As long as it is unbiased and the loyalty is to the citizens, put a label on it and call it Journalism.